Nigel Parkes BA (Hons) Dip DM

The art of the possible.

A fast, pragmatic, receptive, problem solver and communicator. I sit between your Web developers, comms managers and your tecchies, speaking to all, quickly turning advanced communication concepts into workable and measurable solutions.

If your CEO wants to blog, your Comms manager wants an Enterprise Social Network or your Diversity and Inclusion manager wants to start a peer to peer discussion forum – I can help.

From Evaluation and Design through to Execution, I can also help you formulate the objectives and metrics to show if your employees are engaged, whether or not it’s doing exactly what you wanted it to and what to do next.

I’ve used Sharepoint 07 onwards, WordPress, Adobe form designer, SurveyMonkey, YABB, and bespoke .asp packages. I also understand Google Analytics and API’s, Sharepoint analytics and search optimisation or I can design you a process for rough and ready ‘health check’ metrics.

I can also advise you on accessibility matters and diversity and inclusion in your digital communications.

What’s my background?

First a degree in Philosophy; trained as an advertising copywriter at John Gillard’s innovative School of Communication Arts┬áthen took a diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing.

I was recently invited onto secondment with the Department for International Development to run a 5 month project defining objectives and metrics for an Enterprise Social Network and Collaborative Resource.

Before that I was Intranet / digital communications manager at a large (2000+) not-for-profit; introducing Microsoft Sharepoint to the organisation from the wireframe up.

(in case you’re wondering, the header is a photo of vapour trails I took last summer – can you count them?)


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