A new way of categorising metrics for social media

Just read something from the guys at Econsultancy about how UK business was investing more in Social Media but failing to measure ROI; which set me thinking about the metrics you can measure for social media – as far as I know no one has categorised them yet.

I’ve just finished a 5 month secondment at DFID (Department for International Development) who were introducing a ‘Collaborative Resource’ (basically a wordpress platform with a discussion forum and a space to upload documents).

Its purpose was to encourage online collaboration and policy influencing for the Empowerment and Accountability workstream, DFID were looking how to measure its success and promote a new way of working for this global initiative.

So I devised a reporting and objectives process for them, made up of:

Content. How users were engaging with existing content and navigation (standard site metrics).

Function. How users were making use of the forum and uploading documents influencing policies.

Communication. How the site was integrating with the rest of the internal comms matrix (traffic origin, via internal blog mentions, intranet news, internal surveys etc).

Just remember ‘CFC’ (in a good way!).

Obviously that’s just a simplified account of the metrics process, my final report contains a lot of recommendations (that I’m not giving away for free!) but if anyone wants me to come and do something similar for their organisation I’m currently available.

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