Choices or distractions?

Euan Semple (soon joined by Paul Miller and Richard Dennison) kicked it off on Facebook with a quote from Peter Drucker – saying the human race will be unprepared for the choices technology will bring.

The ensuing thread brought to mind an article I’d read by Tim Harford the week before in the weekend FT about  our interaction with technology – one line has been stuck in my mind all week: ‘What does email expect from us?’ extrapolate that to ‘What does Facebook expect from us?’ et al.. (ultimately challenging his reader to start instead with a pencil and blank sheet of paper).

Email arrives in our inbox sorted by date – demanding an immediate response, Facebook is constantly appealing to our idle curiosity – who hasn’t clicked on a photo of someone you don’t know just to see their profile, so often we go on-line to be distracted (things happen so much easier and faster on-line).

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Viktor Mayer Schonberger’s book ‘Delete’ before – where he argues that our on-line memories are now all too readily accessible years after we created them.

So to paraphrase Drucker – Society is not prepared for it’s new choices: or society is not prepared for it’s new distractions.

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