Stuff I’ve found useful and media I subscribe to.


The bulletin is always worth dipping into.


Content Strategy Discussion Forum. Content Strategy/Marketing will be hot this year.

Social Media for Internal Communicators.

Sharepoint for Internal Communicators.

South West Corporate Communicators.


My main influences and reading include:

The laws of disruption: Larry Downes. (remember these laws)

Organisations don’t tweet; people do: Euan Semple

Delete: Viktor Mayer Schonberger (good contrarian counterblast on content that will come back to bite you).

Here comes everybody: Clay Shirky (go on then, you’ve got to say you’ve read this).

The revolution will be digitised: Heather Brooke.

The wealth of networks: Yochai Benkler (the ‘big book’ – you’ve got to read it sometime).

Fooled by Randomness: Nicholas Taleb.IMG_2270


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